Is technology so bad?

There is much written about the evil of technology in creating obese, sedentary children. And much of it is true. However it is also important to recognise that technology plays a key part in our everyday lives and can be used to support active and healthy lifestyles.

In a recent experiment one early years practitioner took 15 children aged 3-4 outside to play and equipped them with recording devices to capture an outdoor activity session. The children had full control over what they recorded, then the group watched the footage together and made observations. By seeing the session objectively the children – and the adults – made new and different observations to to those they might have seen in situ. The children remarked on the way they moved, the environment, the interactions…and asked exploratory questions, ‘Why can’t we fly? Why can we run fast?’

The point is that technology doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure for children; used creatively it can help them explore and engage – and develop new skills as a result. And of course there are loads of apps to support healthy lifestyles… why not put the iPad in the hands of the children to try something different… it could be lots of fun!